Sunday, July 28, 2013

SQL Developer

Today I learned how to use an SQL Developer and make things look pretty and then it creates XML for you.  For one of our assignments we had to get creative and come up with our own Many to Many Schema. Usually being creative and making up something to model is rough for me but Dave suggested I do it like my website. So I did. Here is the pretty picture. I did simplify it and only included "outfits" instead of outfits and accessorized outfits. Currently shoes, jackets, and jewelry are the add-on from outfit to accessorized outfit. You know it's actually kind of killing me to submit the version that isn't accurate even though nobody will even look at my model and it's supposed to be made up so simplification is OK. Some people just had 3 tables to model many to many and that is perfectly acceptable.

We've only used this to play a little. I can't wait until we use it in class!

I probably should have just done a quick example since I have so much more coding to do this weekend.

Dave keeps telling me how after Dev Bootcamp I can update my website and do more to it. I kept telling him I didn't think so but as I'm working through this class, I think he's right. I can't wait.

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