Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photo Bomb (8/15)

Poly photo bombed me.  I was trying to take a picture of me from the side and the front to show my mom. I got the side OK but then Poly wouldn't let me get a picture of the front.
Just look at my reaction there in the third picture. (Ignore the messy sink. It didn't all get unpacked and then it even got super messy with how I'm never home. The pile of clothes on the edge are for after my shower. I took these pics right before.

Photos taken the evening of 8/15. I ate a smaller dinner but then ate a ton of cookies. I figured I should just finish the package. :)  I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant here but not quite.


  1. I think she is jealous of the baby because she photo bombed this pic and the onesie pic. She just wants ask the attention.

    1. *all. And oh man my phone hates me I'm not sure why this posted twice.

    2. She wants all the attention all the time. But not if you want to give her attention, then she doesn't want it. So my first sentence should be more like she wants all the attention when you aren't giving her attention.

      I'm impressed you tried to comment on your phone. I don't do that. It sounds like too much trouble. Also I typo about every other word when I type on my phone.