Saturday, December 28, 2013

40 Weeks (12.28)

The past week has been crazy. I just think about how I could still be pregnant and how awesome it's been to have this cute little baby.

All future updates will go by weeks or months of how old Ella is but I just thought it was fitting to do a 40 week photo here.

If there is something you'd like to know, ask it in the comments and I'll answer. I can't think of what specifically to put here right now.
Size of baby: Based on the scale we have here and putting a diaper, onesie, and socks on it first to zero it out, she weighs 7 lb 4 oz. 

Weight: I lost 18 lbs since Thursday. I don't have a full weight measurement. I gained 40.9 lb overall (well I had 1 extra day there). I've lost 18 lbs of that.  (How far from goal weight: 22.9 lb.  Goal weight is just currently pre-pregnancy weight that was used for all the weight gain amounts the previous 38 weeks)  I took some measurements 2 days ago and today and around my belly button I am 1.5 inches smaller. Perhaps in a few days I'll be even better. I took measurements Dec 17. I wanted to take some the day I went to the hospital but that didn't happen. Today I am only 4 inches smaller around the belly button than I was on the 17th.  I measure at belly button so I had some form of consistency.
Maternity Clothes:  I wore some maternity shirts that were also nursing tanks when I got dressed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day google hangouts with our families.  I also wore a nursing tank from Target that is not maternity. I've worn T-shirts, athletic pants, and yoga pants that are not maternity clothes. I still have a belly. I have barely gotten dressed for real and didn't want to chance looking silly in non-maternity clothes. Also I have a binder I wear on and off throughout the day but that makes my midsection thicker and would stretch out a normal shirt.  Pants I wore at 30 weeks pregnant were too tight to get over my calf today. 

Sleep:  Intermittent
I messed up making the collage. The sleep while pregnant totals are 7:42 and 7:32. These were all from last week. 

Best moment this week: I almost deleted this category too because I can't possibly pick just one moment. Every single moment I have with Ella is awesome. 

Looking forward to: spending time with Ella

Exercise:  I walked the halls at the hospital. I walked around the house doing this or that. All three of us also went for a walk today.


  1. Is that one of the hair bows I gave you? It's so cute!! I love that you did this "40 weeks" post. I want to hear more about Ella already! I hope you'll do more posts about her (and you) soon.

    1. Yup that is one of the hair bows you gave us. I will do more posts later when I get time.