Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3.17 Videos

I took some videos on March 17. I took even more than this. I decided to do a separate post and have a different one with pictures when I get to that. 
Here is Ella playing on her piano play mat
Ella was just chilling doing tummy time and I mentioned she could roll over.  (You don't actually have to watch with sound. I hate my voice recorded.)

What do you think?  Isn't she cute?
This was 3 days before she hit 3 months.  She actually likes to roll over back to front better but every time I get out the camera to record she stares at the camera and doesn't roll so I haven't captured that one on video.


  1. Oh, she's so cute! Does she get up on her elbows by herself, or is that how she is when you put her down on her tummy?

    1. Sometimes I put her like that to save time. Sometimes she moves a bit to get like that. I forget which here.