Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4 Months of Comparisons

I did some comparisons last month so I did some more. This made me realize I didn't take any pictures of Ella in her Bumbo this month!
I can't really see as much of a change as I was expecting. 3 and 4 months look so similar.  This month I forgot to put my hair down. I also had changed into my 7th grade track shorts and didn't bother to put on pants for the pictures.
I took way more photos this month since Dave was involved but I forgot to try to do the same poses as previous months.
For earlier months, Ella fell over and I took pictures. This month I did remember that I had a collage of lying on the chair so I put her down. She didn't appreciate it. 
Here's a new one. Ella was petting the stuffed animal. As the months go on, it's more time consuming to make collages but that still won't stop me. I love them.

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