Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4.9 Fall

left: before cleaning, right: during cleaning
I fell again running. This time I didn't skid and just fell. I only scraped up one knee. I have 2 scrapes and one is a lot deeper than the other. There was a little dripping blood by the time I got home. I fell .85 miles into my run. I turned around and came home and didn't add on the one little block so it was 1.43 miles (and of course I had to add on to make it 1.5 mi).  I was hoping to do 2 miles so I was almost at the halfway mark.

Dave cleaned out the scrapes. It hurt so bad.

So right before I fell I got a feeling of exhausting and just a feeling like I was moving along in auto pilot. It's hard to describe.  I was right by the elementary school and noticed a mop bucket where it shouldn't have been and boom I fell. I guess I have to quit looking around.

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