Monday, April 7, 2014


Google made a lot of photo bombs for April Fools Day (see more)
Ella woke up at 7 am after a little over 7 hours of sleep. At least I almost slept that long.
She he shimmied her diaper down and was starving so I ended up feeding her naked instead of redressing her. Well she fell asleep for about 4 minutes since she wasn't swaddled. At 8:20 she only slept for 3 minutes and woke  when I moved her to the crib. What a fun start of the day.
She finally slept for 30 minutes at 8:30.  I wanted to sleep but ended up cleaning up since I was getting company later.
Then at 10:30 she finally went to sleep for a longer nap and I got to nap. It took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep. Well 10 or so was in the chair holding her. Poly had joined us so I sat there a little bit before forcing a move.  I napped for almost an hour and woke up when Brenna showed up.

I immediately changed my clothes and went for a run. The weather app said it would start raining in 3 minutes but it was more like 20 so I was able to get a run in.  Ella woke up as soon as I got back but I showered really quickly before feeding her.

We played, we watched some TV. I did a lot of feeding Ella on the couch. Ella took 2 naps. One was while I cooked dinner. But as soon as dinner was on the table to eat, she woke up and was starving she couldn't wait to eat.

Brenna stayed until 8.
Dave got home near 9.
Ella went to sleep a little after 10:15

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