Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blog Labels

Sometimes it's interesting to scroll to the bottom of my blog to see the list of labels. I like seeing which ones I've used the most. I wish "numbers" was used more. I will have to try to change that. Poly used to be a label in about every post but not any more. I was thinking of changing "baby" to "Ella" but haven't yet.

I don't even label the clothes anymore. I'm probably going to regret that. I used to love to click on an article of clothing and see when I wore it. But then I won't need that soon once I get my other website up and running.

Do you use tags? Do you ever pay attention to my tags?


  1. I've occasionally glanced at the tags and wondered if you manually type those. Can you go back and edit them? That seems like a lot of work to change each baby to Ella. It will be worth doing if ever baby #2 would happen along.

    1. I manually type them. But in blogger I can do a mass change. Some people do tags and the next tag for them is. "Baby #2"