Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter (4.20)

 Ella got some presents for Easter. She's too little for candy so she got books and 2 toys. Dave is off to the side that's why she's so happy and looking in that direction.
Ella chews on the teether/toy except she doesn't chew on the teething part of it!
 I can't get over how big Ella is getting.If she is this big at 4 months, what will the rest be like?!
Ella just started sticking out her tongue like that.  She is so happy here.


  1. Love her smiling face! And I like seeing all of those Dr. Seuss books. Parker loves Dr. Seuss so much. They're great books to have in your collection.

    1. Dave was there getting her to smile.
      She liked one Dr Suess book at the doctor so I knew we had to get her some.