Monday, July 13, 2015


Ella was up briefly in the middle of the night and then up for the day at 6:30.

She snacked at home a bit.  We went to Google for breakfast.  We sat outside and Dave just went in and got the food. Ella sat in a big chair. She barely ate since she snacked at home but she was behaved.  She wouldn't eat the coffee cake. Then later I was asking Dave what was in it and he said white chocolate and raspberry. Then Ella wanted it and then she ate them!?

Then ran at 9:30.  Ella whined the entire time on the run. We took a little break at Diana's and actually played inside. Ella used crayons and colored a bit. She learned what an eraser does.

We got home and she seemed tired but then didn't nap.  We had lunch and played outside. I called my mom to talk since I got bored out there.  Then Ella stayed up even later.  We folded laundry. Ella did the opposite of helping because she'd pull stuff out of the laundry baskets and throw it. She did start trying to shake out the shirts like I did before I folded them.  She finally got to bed at 2 PM.
I fell asleep in the chair then went to get up and fell asleep again but I did wake right up and got her in the crib. I crawled into bed and put my phone on DND and napped for almost 2 hours. Poly woke me up. She was so annoying rubbing her face on my face and purring. Then the doorbell rang.  Then a minute later Ella was awake.

Ella did not have a fun time. She wanted to nurse. Finally I got her to eat a muffin.

We went to get Dave. I told him he could work after.  That was a huge ordeal because there was a concert so  people were directing traffic and I had to turn the wrong way and make a U-turn. Then google security wouldn't let me in the parking lot. I even said I was picking Dave up. So then I had to go make another U-turn. Well another U-turn and then I had to have Dave run down to me. I had to send him messages at red lights and hit enter before I was done since I had to drive. It wasn't a fun time.

We went to Cheesesteak Shop for dinner then took Ella to Las Palmas park.  It is very different than when I was there last. The tyke area was fenced in. That was awesome. Ella had fun.   While we were walking to the car, Ella signed that she had to go potty. I tried to use the potty chair I had in the car but she wouldn't go. Then she peed in her diaper on the way home. Poor Ella. They had bathrooms there but she hasn't gone in a real toilet yet so I didn't think that would work.

We tried to hang out a little and then do bedtime. That did not go well. Then Ella played again. She whined a lot.  She didn't get happy until she was playing her xylophone with Dave.   I nursed again and put her in her crib and there was a lot of bad crying. :(  She wasn't asleep until 10 PM.

I snacked on cookies and we watched TV.


  1. I'm still so jealous of that little play house.

    1. Ella loves it. She's still a little short for it. I need a broom to be kept out back because it needs to be swept and it keeps getting worse!