Saturday, July 18, 2015


Ella woke up at 7 and Dave greeted her so that she would drink milk versus nursing. It was so awesome to get dressed for the day without her. She was also so awesome with Dave.

At 8, we ran at Shoreline. 3 adults and 2 kids did 8 miles. Then the kids ran around like nuts afterward.

We didn't go anywhere besides take boxes to recycling.  Ella and I played outside a bunch.

Ella did a bad job with throwing food at her meals so they were all cut short.

During Ella's nap, Dave and I watched 1 TV show then we decided to start working on my website but Dave always wants to start from scratch so we were downloading stuff to use and doing a tutorial when Ella woke up so we basically got nowhere but took over an hour.

After Ella went to bed, Dave and I watched Whiplash. We think it was added to our Netflix queue by mistake because neither of us heard of it. But I actually stayed awake. And then Dave kept listening to jazz music the rest of the night. He stayed up an hour past me just listening and finding different music he liked.


  1. I love the cereal pictures where she goes from happy to scrunched up crying.

    1. That is just how life is a lot. Happy then boom sad!