Friday, March 11, 2016

8 Weeks (January)

It's crazy how exhausting it is with Ella and doing everything. I'm so glad we started Ella in drop off preschool so I get some rest. I did make the mistake of scheduling a bootcamp class that I was teaching when I dropped her off so I didn't get a break. Oh I guess this was a good moment of the week. The moms seemed to really like my workout.

I am feeling so lightheaded but sometimes adrenaline helps me power through. I remember this same lightheadedness last time but when reading the posts, I feel like both times I don't fully explain how awful it really is.  The act of eating is so tiring. I have to pause and lie down a lot. It's exhausting.

Size of baby: raspberry, 1/2 inch (12.7 mm)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 lb loss overall.  I lost an additional 0.9 lbs over the last week.  I actually lost more but then weighed myself in clothes. Days earlier I was a full lb less but I will just write down what I saw on the scale here.  

Maternity Clothes: No but sometimes I feel like I'm showing a little.

Sleep: I'm more tired and I'm waking up more in the night. I'm also requiring more sleep and feeling exhausted. It doesn't help that Ella does not want to go to sleep lately and then she wakes up in the night running to my room. Friday night she was screaming no no no and crying but was still asleep. I was hugging her.  It's hard to get enough sleep with Ella not sleeping well.

What I miss: Working out without getting lightheaded or working out in general. Sitting around without getting lightheaded. Not being nauseous.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Eating around dinner time. My stomach feels weird like I want to throw up.

Symptoms: lightheaded, sense of smell, nauseous, exhausted. One night I was so lightheaded while eating but then the room started spinning. I lied on the floor after that.

Best moment this week: Not sure. Nothing crazy happened.

Looking forward to: Actually telling people. My doctor appointment on February 1.

Exercise: Running, weights. I've done a lot less since I've been lightheaded. I would probably do nothing, but I have plans with people and feel like I have to power through so they don't question why I can't run. The adrenaline really helps that I'm not lightheaded during, but after I'm pretty much dead.

Same this time: I had the same same looking forward to. I also couldn't think of a best moment. My exercise drastically decreased because of being lightheaded.  I lost weight both times.

Different from last time: Last time I was more nauseous every time I ate. This time if I go too long without eating then I'm nauseous. I keep crackers by my bed and eat them at night and in the morning and it helps a lot. I learned a trick last time about drinking juice and it helps with being lightheaded so I started that earlier.  I actually know people this time around so I'm more conscious about things I do that people will figure out that I'm pregnant. Or the fact that I'm so tired all the time and I might complain then I think they will think I'm lazy. My stomach never got all upset at dinner time last time. 

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