Wednesday, March 16, 2016


 Ella loves pen and paper.
 Ella likes to clean up her messes with the dust buster.
 Ella is playing wrong!

 Ella found a pacifier and put ti in her mouth! She used that more than she did her entire life put together (aka more than a couple minutes).
 I started decorating.
 Then I felt the need to put up the tree too.

 Ella helped.

She also took a lot of things off so the bottom ended up with no decorations later.

 Couch cuddling.

 It seems like Ella fell asleep on me!

Ella found rain boots from Jackie. She did not care that they were 5 sizes too big.
We drove around showing Ella Christmas lights. She loved it. She'd point at the lights and talk about them. She also said "more lights" when she wanted more if we were in an area with a few houses without any.  It made me wish we had lights so other people could enjoy ours.
 Second night in a row I went out! I can't even believe it. This didn't start until 9:30 and I was late.  We celebrated Divya's birthday.
What our tree looked like at night all lit up.

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