Monday, March 28, 2016

Sharing the news of Baby #2

Dave said it's not as exciting with the second kid. He didn't want to tell anyone until we hit the second trimester AND he just wanted to send an email out and he thought that would be a good enough way to tell everyone we thought of telling.  I said that was nuts!
I told my parents after the first doctor appointment.  We were on a google hangout and both parents were there so it was pretty good. I was trying to ask Dave if he wanted to be there when I told them of I could do it but since it took awhile for him to respond I didn't tell them right away. It was actually on a hangout a day later.

We were talking and I was telling my mom how Ella loves to feed other toddlers and give them their drinks and stuff. Then my mom brought up how good she'd be feeding a baby or maybe how bad she'd be because she'd always be feeding them. Then she added well it might change by then because it'd be at least 10 months before she even had a sibling. Then I said hold on and ran off to get something. I brought back the wrong thing then left again. And then I put up the ultrasound picture into the camera's view. They were pretty surprised. My mom initially questioned that that was a current ultrasound picture.
I told my one friend because she kept asking me to run. Normally we would run together whenever but I kept turning her down. I was just too lightheaded.  Then when I finally told her she thought she should have figured it out because I was complaining so much that I was so exhausted. Man I thought I wasn't complaining that much either.
Before I announced to my mom friends I was talking to my mom about how I was sick with this pregnancy versus versus with Ella. Except during that time I got a hangout message from a mom friend and sent a long message to her instead. What a way to spill the beans. It was long and involved about how I was sick differently. Oops.
After my doctor appointment with the ultrasound, I called some people to tell them. Dave texted his dad. I texted his step mom. I got to messaging a few people. Then I did my post.  We never did get to tell Dave's mom because she had her heart attack the day before my appointment and never regained consciousness.

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