Tuesday, April 12, 2016

19 Weeks (April 10)

I had my ultrasound appointment at 16 weeks and 6 days. I was told I was having a boy. But the rest of the results I have to wait until Monday to hear. They measured all the body parts and stuff. The baby wasn't so cooperative so it took a long time.  Apparently last time I was told the baby's weight and how many days she was measuring. This time I got none of that. If I would have looked at my blog post prior to the appointment maybe I would have asked. 

I got some results online and they didn't mean too much until I compared it with the results from Ella's. So this baby is bigger.
I feel like I show so much compared to other pregnant moms I see all the time. But I'm showing very similarly to what I did with Ella.

Well I had a delay posting when we moved so after this post goes up, I am finally caught up. Then you will have to wait the actual week between them. 

Size of baby: Mango, 5.5-6 inches long from crown to rump. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained 2.1 lbs this week. I'm up 4.4 lbs overall.  I weighed myself a few times throughout the week and from Saturday to Wednesday I gained 3 lbs. It made sense because I was starving all the time and just so hungry. Also, I didn't have good foods to snack on and ended up snacking on more unhealthy things.  I was only up 0.3 lbs last time at this point.

Maternity Clothes:  I wore a belly band twice but took it off part way through the day both times. It was no help. I unpacked my maternity clothes a week or more ago. I was going to wear them but then just wore workout clothes throughout the week most days because I wanted to workout and thought that'd help motivate me. (I still didn't make time.)  Also cleaning and unpacking is easier with an elastic band than jeans that keep falling down low on my butt. 

Gender: Boy!

Movement: There is tons of movement. I notice more now with 2nd pregnancy early on but still swear it's a ton more. 

Sleep: I think in the past week I've gotten a decent amount of sleep. For the most part I go back to sleep right away after going to the bathroom. A few nights I drank 50 oz of water almost right before bed so I woke up quite a few times to go those nights. I have had some awful dreams the second half of the night almost every day though. 

What I miss: Being able to exercise the way I used to. Having the time and ability to exercise. Having running buddies in the neighborhood

Cravings: No

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I get lightheaded when I stand up too quickly. I go from being fine to weak and needing to eat rather quickly. Sometimes when I sneeze or cough, my belly will hurt with that.  Having to go to the bathroom constantly. I have to go a million times a day. It was nowhere near this bad when I was pregnant with Ella. 

Best moment this week:  The ultrasound. (Except it was also annoying. The technician didn't say a word during the entire thing until he stopped and said I could pee and to walk around. Then he came back and did more pictures and tilted the bed so my head was down to try to get better angles.) 

Looking forward to: buying some boy clothes. Going through Ella's clothes and see what will work for a boy. 

Exercise:  I ran 4 miles on Monday and did a 21 day fix style workout on Friday.

Same this time: I found out the gender this same week last time!

Different from last time: Now we know it's a boy and last time we knew it was a girl!

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  1. I'm so thrilled for you guys! A boy! You will love it! Congrats!