Monday, September 26, 2016


I found this old collage from maybe homecoming.
Ella didn't wake up until 10:30. She slept 12 hours. I was up near 7:30 and then was so bummed I didn't go running.  I was still tired though.

We got a late start but went to Idlewild. Their credit card machine was down so there were long lines to pay. Ella had fun. We were there between 4 and 5 hours.  We didn't even see the entire park.

Ella would see rides and really wanted to go on them but she was too short.  She's 35" and needs to be 36" for a lot of runs. Some runs were 38 and some 46.

We headed to kiddie land first.   Too many rides said nobody above 56" could ride them so she'd have to go alone. She went on the ferris wheel first.  She had to ride it alone. She did so well. Then it stopped and she had to wait while each car of people got off. She didn't want to wait and she stood wanting out.  Luckily it's enclosed.  I remember riding that very ferris wheel when I was younger.  I remember riding it with Mike though. I don't have any memories of riding it myself.

Next she got to ride something with me. We rode the tea cups. She loved it at first. We were spinning like crazy. Then she didn't like it so much and wanted it to be over. So I stopped spinning.

Next we went on the train. She didn't really like it. She just wanted to cuddle with Dave. (After she said she liked it.) We didn't do Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood because the wait was an hour.

We headed to Jumpin' Jungle and Ella had fun. We started in the ball pit. We were in there awhile. Then we climbed the net. We climbed the smaller net not the huge one but it was still pretty high. Ella was a pro. I on the other hand didn't like being up so high.   Then there was a bridge to cross. That was pretty high too. Stairs were also involved.  I wanted to know what happened to the zipline stuff they used to have. Now they had slides but the big ones were closed. Ella went down a small slide and her foot got stuck so she spun around and came out upside down. She didn't mind.

Ella is holding my hand (I am not holding her hand) I was scared!

We went to Storybook Forest next. It was fun. Ella liked looking at everything. She wanted to walk the entire time. (She also walked earlier in the park.)   It was Hallowboo so they gave out candy too. Ella loved holding her bag and just checking to see that the candy was still there.  I cannot believe Ella walked the entire way.

When we headed home and Ella fell asleep on the way home.  She napped even through a crib transfer. She napped 4.5 hours! So that means she woke up from a nap at 10:30 PM!!!!

While she napped, we got Brick House for dinner. I had a great salad. Everyone else ate pizza and stromboilis.

Then we hung out and had fun but then she wouldn't go to sleep until 2:25 AM. She was awake briefly in her crib. We didn't have a baby monitor so I'm not sure how long she was awake but she was fairly quiet most of the time.  

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