Tuesday, September 6, 2016


We all woke up sick. It wasn't so fun. I tried to talk Ella into sitting in bed with her iPad so I could rest but she wasn't having any of that.

We had plans of leaving the house but we did not.  We needed to go grocery shopping but we did not.

Ella cried over every little thing and she was so bad. Dave was watching Star Wars and I was dealing with Ella.  While she was contained in her high chair with him I was wrapping her birthday presents.  She was done and calling me. So he was calling me. This made me so mad. He could get her out of the chair. He said she was calling me by name. Well sure she calls me by name because he does nothing. He could start doing things and she will realize. Like I also wipe her off and get her out of the high chair. I always bathe her. I always change her pull-ups. I always take her to the potty. I always get her food ready if we all aren't eating. I get her food ready 90% of the time if we are all eating.  I always get her dressed unless I pick out the clothes and give him the clothes and give him Ella. Which is 90% of the work anyway.

Ella discovered her gifts when I was in the office for something so I had to tell my family quick to do a hangout. Well Ella opened all the gift bags before they were paying attention because they were trying to get it on the TV and it wouldn't work. Nothing goes right!

We all ate lunch. Ella was a good lasagna eater. Then we did cake and took some pictures. My bags under my eyes are so prominent that I took some pictures on my iphone for a less quality picture. The less quality picture didn't show enough quality for the bad eye bags!

We put Ella down for a nap a little after 1. She napped over 4 hours!

Dave watched the Steeler Game. I worked on writing Christmas cards and other productive things even though I really really really wanted to rest.  I wrapped presents. I dealt with opening Amazon boxes and stuff too. Then I forced Dave to deal with the gifts for me. I carried all the boxes to him and gave him gift bags. So he got to open things and put them in bags. Then I made him wrap some presents during the game.

Ella woke up and she wanted some chocolate in her high chair. She got that. Then we opened more presents. She played. We all ate.  Then we tried to get her to bed around 8.  She was lying in bed but not asleep for awhile then all of a sudden standing and crying so we went in. She said she was done. I guess she thought she was done sleeping. We all hung out in bed for a bit. I was disappointed. I almost was asleep on the couch when she was falling asleep.

We got her back in the crib, Dave and I both took Nyquil and went to sleep.

My elementary and middle school best friend, Mallory, had her baby! Can't believe 2 years apart and same birthday as little Miss Ella.

(This entire post was written within a day of her birthday but then I did not add pictures. I'm a slacker.)

I posted a lot of photos in her 24 month update post.

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