Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Pretty much the same that's been going on. Ella did disappear at one point and I thought she was up to no good but I found her in the office playing with her toy kitchen. She was pretending very well. I can't believe she wasn't up to no good.
I did laundry. I asked Ella to put the empty hamper back where it goes. She listened! I was impressed.  Then she knocked the other hamper over and climbed in it. She got up saying blanket. I was confused. But she came back with a little blanket. Then she climbed back into the hamper. She talked about how she was a baby.

Dave made hotdogs and chili for lunch. I was shocked that Ella ate the chili. Then she saw us with the shredded cheese.  Once that happened, she only watched cheese. Then she'd want "more cheese."  She kept stealing my hot dog. She would eat it, then I'd get another hot dog and she'd put the first one she took from me down and ask for the new one. We'd trade so she get the new one. She liked it better before she mangled the bread I was using for a bun. Then she'd want a new one. She ate a lot of hot dog. I was surprised.
Ella did not nap. We tried. It failed.

We went to Target. We went for some storage bins but spent a lot of time browsing. Dave had to show Ella all the Star Wars stuff. She's cute. She recognizes different characters from Star Wars.   Then she got annoyed with being in the car and wanted me to hold her. She said "hold you" instead of "hold me"  I think because I tend to ask "Do you want me to hold you?" We will have to work on that later to explain it to her. Then I got stuck holding her or letting her walk around.   We bought some containers but they didn't have the other size I wanted so we went to Sunnyvale Target.  Ella fell asleep on the way so I ran in myself. The container aisle was packed. Then the lines were awful. Then I get in the wrong line.  It took forever.  Ella woke up on the way home after having slept 40 minutes.   We got Wendy's on the way home. Ella wasn't that interested in eating. Getting out of the car she mentioned she was cold.  Later I asked her if she wanted my scarf. She nodded. Then a bit later, Dave offered her a hat. I had to find that hat.  After she had the hat on I asked if she was better and she nodded.  She was mostly under a fleece blanket too.

She was up surprisingly long considering she didn't really nap.  She seemed to be asleep for a half hour then was up again. She was pulling down her pants saying pee as I walked in there.  She had peed in her pullup so we changed that.  Then she didn't end up asleep until after 10 PM.

I used my computer trying to make a collage. Picasa used to be the best program ever for collages and adding text but now it won't work 3/4 the time. My collages get stuck in draft mode. I add a ton of text and the thing won't save. It's awful.  After being fed up so long, I finally installed Photoshop Elements. Dave found the disk for me.  You can make collages in photoshop but those take awhile too. I need a better program. I will start looking into it. (update from August: ipiccy is good and I use that now but also Picasa started working again so I also use that) I used to have a great screen shot program that I'd add text to but 2 computers ago I lost that and it wouldn't reinstall. It seems like everything I try to do is worse and worse. I've wasted hours and hours of my days with this new computer.  I have so many issues getting the computer to recognize my phone and then once it does to actually import the pictures. It gets an error once it finds the new pictures and it won't import them.  I try to open the pictures by clicking on the phone and going into the folders. You can see that the pictures are there but it won't let you copy them out of the phone. This is a change since I got windows 10. I used to be able to do it this old school way if I had issues.

(Since this is posting so late I can say it now but this is also the day that I found out I was pregnant. Who knew I'd post it so late that the first trimester would be over... and the 2nd... and almost the third.. haha)

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