Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Comparison: Ella and Miles

Just in the first little over a week of Miles's life I have noticed so many difference with him and with Ella. He's more like a normal baby in the differences I've noticed. I'm just going by memory so there may be even more things I realize later as I read the older posts from Ella.

  • Ella cried in the car and Miles is a perfect content baby. He falls asleep or he sits there awake and doesn't make a sound
  • As of the first week, we had given Ella a pacifier twice and she wouldn't take it either time. We didn't even have the need to give him a pacifier in the first week. I tried last night for fun but he wasn't even fussy and just pushed it out to chill there in my arms. So I'm not sure if he'll take one or not. 
  • Miles can fall asleep and not be swaddled and we can swaddle him and get him to his crib just fine. If Ella wasn't swaddled when she fell asleep I had to hold her to sleep or she woke up. 
  • Miles can be started with his startle reflex and then put himself back to sleep. Ella never could 
  • Ella's legs were so long. Miles's look so short but I think they are normal baby length.  Pants are too long on him and they were always too short on Ella. 
  • You could never rock Ella to sleep. Even if I was nursing at the time if I was rocking, she did not want me to rock her.  Ella had to be nursing to fall asleep. Miles can be done nursing and I can just rock him in the rocking chair and he falls asleep. 
  • Ella hated her swing. Miles has fallen asleep in it 2 or 3 times already. He fell asleep each time I put him in it. He was fussy a little an hour ago when I was done nursing him so I just took him to the swing and he was asleep in less than 2 minutes and then I carried him to his crib.  This bullet is like 2 things. Ella had to be nursing to fall asleep and she hated the swing and Miles will fall asleep nursing or just with rocking and seems to enjoy the swing.
  • Miles cries a bit at a diaper change but that's when he wants to nurse. There have been times I changed his diaper after nursing and he just slept right through it. Ella would not do that. In her first week, we had to cough while we undid the velcro to try to make her not cry as hard. We also had to put blankets on her chest to block of what we were doing to her diaper!
  • Ella liked it cold. She did not like layers. We even stopped putting her feet fully zipped in the sleep sack.  Miles on the other hand wears the sleep sack plus is swaddled in a blanket. He gets quite cold if he's not all bundled up. We used to sit or stand in front of a fan with Ella. And Ella was born in the winter weather around here.  His umbilical cord stump did not fall off yet but I'm excited to see how warm we have to make the room for his first bath since he likes it so warm. 
  • Ella probably burped twice ever after nursing. I used to try and try and then I gave up. Miles gets burped 2-3 times in a nursing session and burps about 3-4 times each time I try to burp him. 
  • Ella never spit up during burps (well burp attempts) and Miles has already spit up 2x. 
  • Ella loved how fast my milk flow was and I feel like it took quite some getting used to for Miles and there are plenty of times he stops sucking but keeps swallowing to play catch up with it all. 

A few days ago I started making some comparison collages. All pictures are just within the first few days they were both alive. I was going to do more but only got to 4 before Miles woke up from his nap.

The picture of Miles sleeping in the crib is probably one of the only times he slept without a hat on.
How similar or different do they look?  What do you think of the differences highlighted above? I wonder what else I forgot about too.


  1. Interesting. Miles seems overall more laid back and content. That was our experience the second time around also. I think Ella looks more like you and Miles looks like Dave.

    1. Just realized all my comparison photos were when sleeping. No idea when I'll get time for more though.

      The last 2 nights of sleep have been purely awful. The previous 2 weren't bad at all.