Saturday, September 17, 2016

Miles's First Week (9.17.16)

It's hard to believe Miles is a week old already. I read Ella's 1 week post before writing this one and it makes me want to write a post comparing the two of them too.

Miles wasn't the best sleeper at the beginning. He'd constantly wake up and want food. But he wouldn't nurse for that long once my milk came in. He's gotten better as the week went on.  The first night home from the hospital, I slept maximum 15 minutes at a time in the bed. I dozed off in the chair and got 1.5 hours of sleep in the chair at one point.  The next night I got 30 min, 30 min, 45 min, and 25 min in the bed. It was rough.  He kept sleeping for longer stretches at night though.  Friday night he went to sleep at 11:22. That was a bit late. He was up for 2 hours before that. But then he didn't wake up until 3:30. He was back asleep 25 minutes later and then woke up at 7:45. Not too bad!  (He went to sleep at 8:25 but I didn't go back to sleep at that point.) According to my fitbit I got 6:31 of sleep, which is not bad at all for just 1 wake-up.

The nurses never once told me about waking him up every 2-3 hours around the clock. One nurse did mention if he doesn't want to eat you can skip 1 feeding so you can go 5 hours but don't go longer yet.  This was still when I was in the hospital.


Miles actually burps after nursing. I burp between sides and sometimes burp at 2 intervals on each side.  He has already spit up a little twice at burps.   Ella has been such a helper at burping and it's nice that he actually burps because then she feels so proud.

Miles puts up with a lot. Ella tries to hug and grab him when he's nursing all the time.  She holds him and moves all around and he still puts up with it.

Miles screams sometimes at diaper changes but other times is so calm. He even slept through an entire diaper change once.

I can't get over how big his hands are and how short his legs seem.
I'm only supposed to lift things as heavy as Miles. This means no lifting Ella. I already carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom once after she fell though.  I'm still recovering from the 4th degree tears. It's quite painful. I only weighed myself once and I lost 9 lbs 5 days postpartum. Miles weighed 9 lbs so I was surprised I didn't weigh less.  My ankles got really swollen for 3 days this week. They hurt so bad.

I've only had 1 time all week with Ella + awake Miles and no Dave. It was tough because I was also trying to deal with dinner in the oven and Miles was crying and he rarely cries.  Ella tries to be so helpful but is too little to actually help so you have to be there at all times. She likes to hug too hard.

We got newborn photos taken at the hospital. They were taken at 11 AM on Sunday so Miles was only 16.5 hours old! I wasn't sure I was going to buy them but they included Ella's first time holding Miles so I did.

Then on Saturday, we had newborn photos taken with Marie.

Miles seems to hold his head up more or try to. He likes to break his hands out of swaddles. He gets started with his own arms and can actually fall back to sleep. He has fallen asleep quite a few times just from being rocked. He likes to be warm so we swaddle him with a sleep sack + swaddle blanket anytime he sleeps.  Miles falls right to sleep in the car. I mentioned to Dave that it's almost easy to forget you have a baby in the car when he's in the car.  He stares at distinct lines on the wall like a line of light to dark at the window.

He received a birthday card in the mail from Uncle Mike!

Miles and I have only left the house twice since we got back from the hospital. We went to a doctor appointment and to the photo session.

I'm still having the same problem that I had with Ella in that I have far too much milk. I have trouble sleeping because I'm so full. I also leak all over my clothes a lot.

I have many many more pictures so hope to do other posts.

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