Monday, September 5, 2016

Photography - Angie's Maternity Photos

I took some maternity photos of a friend. I was 39 weeks 2 days pregnant and still managed. It was actually so much fun. I don't use my good camera enough. I should use it more because it was fun. I forgot how it was to try to take nice pictures of Ella once a month at least. This was also the Canon Rebel T6i which is pretty new to me. Some things are different on that than the Canon Rebel T1i that I used to use.
I took all photos using my 50 mm lens. I took some on auto no flash and some on various forms of manual. I noticed when taking pictures with the ultrasound, I had a lot of trouble getting the camera to focus on the ultrasound on manual but on auto it worked perfectly.
I took a lot of photos but there were quite a few tries trying to get the ultrasound picture in the foreground and it kept bowling over from the wind. There were also a number with blinking eyes.  There were still 45 pictures that Angie narrowed down and put into a favorites folder. Not bad for not even an hour and a half taking pictures.

We used similar pose locations that we used when Angie took photos of me just a week earlier.   Angie is 34 weeks pregnant in these!
This shot was difficult to take because I had severe sun glare on my lens. I did a little editing and it made it better. I only edited 3 photos out of all the ones I took!
This one I was trying to be creative. There were only so many spots the ultrasound picture would stick into the tree. I said next time we'd have some tape and the ultrasound creative pics could be nicer.  Next time...hahaha.
When I was taking Angie's picture some guy offered to take a picture of both of us so we got the above photo!
I tried for a long time to get a photo but after the first one (the one above) the ultrasound kept blowing over. It was a bummer. I was hoping to change the focus and stuff.  We weren't even fully set up here. The ones where Angie was posing, the pic fell over!

I'm pretty proud of the pictures I took. I would do this more. It is fun! I took Clara's 1 year photos before but that was it besides Ella and family or taking them at meetups. I did take pictures of Angie, her husband, and son for their preschool photo too. That was a quick 8 minute photoshoot with a lot of good pictures.

What do you think of these?   It really is fun to do but a bit time consuming to spend a few hours and just filter through the pictures after but I'd so do it again. I offered another pregnant friend but her timing will involve me with a newborn and I said we'd have to take some newborn breaks :)


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    1. Thanks. It really was fun too! Ever since I took these I keep pinning different things with photoshop actions so then maybe my photos will be even more awesome later :)