Saturday, March 4, 2006

My food for today

breakfast 10:30 - 1 doughnut from krispy kreme (that i bought yesterday)
lunch probably around 1:30 - 1 piece of yellow cake
dinner 6:45PM - 1 piece of wedding cake + vanilla ice cream  with raspberry squirted on top (it wasn't good)

Now I must find FOOD for a snack. I got out of work early but only because they didn't want to pay so many people just to clear and set up. but the mother of the bride asked me how many people were working the wedding because she wanted to tip us all a 50. i really really really hope that i still end up with a 50 even tho i left. gina haney was there same with one girl that i forget her name but she sat in front of me in spanish so her last name is between brehm and mine. she also sat beside timmy in his computer science class. casey wonderly was a brides maid  or one of those people. i also recognized many more people at the wedding. it was only a wedding for 86 people. I think maybe only 80 showed. the mother of the bride was dressed like a big slut.  it was teh worst wedding i ever worked becuase they were a bunch of chain smokers. they being at least 4 people at every single table. 10 tables. some tables all 8 were major smokers. i really feel bad for those non smokers. i couldnt even breath in the room. when they told me to leave i didn't argue just because i wanted to be able to breathe. i wanted hours but not that bad. as soon as i got home, i got a shower. nobody would come near me i smelled so bad. i wish there was some way i could come home chagne clothes and magically make me not smell like smoke w/o having to take a shower right away. my hair attracts too much smoke.  my foot is killing me. i had to bring all the buffet food back and carry it downstiars. i made 12 or 13 trips.

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  1. russsss (LiveJournal)March 5, 2006 at 2:32 PM

    I know what you're saying about the smoke smell. That smells horrible. If I'm with one of my friends who smokes, I have to change as soon as I get home and put the smoke smelling shirt in the laundry basket immediately before it transfers any smell to other clothes or nearby stuff.