Sunday, July 26, 2009

i had bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast for breakfast.
then i remembered i wanted to take my measurments this morning since i haven't in almost 2 months.
I should also take progress pictures. I haven't since May 30. Today is the first day I looked at the ones from May 30. I have older ones. Maybe if i get them to a good file size, i'll post some. a little busy today though.
I was looking at th epics and they don't even look good. i feel i look better than the pictures show. I always do. you cant tell i have muscles or anything.
i'm also getting fat according to the scale.
i'm slacking at exercising lately.
I've been doing shin exercises though. I may do them as soon as I make this post so that they get done today before i get dressed and we start heading places.

i need some sort of thing that will post my twitters to here. pb knows someone who did that but that application or whatever is no longer around.

my fingernail is stained orange from doritos that I ate yesterday.

I want to see if there si a way to rearrange my craft room. I also need a new desk chair. i want one without arms so that i can actually push my chair in further. i want to switch where my mac and dell are.

We named my dell "foggy." Our basement computer is shady. our family room computer is sunny.

I also should get to updating my website. that picture on the home page is so old. I should make new LJ icons. These are all so old.

I thought about geting a hair cut today. going somewhere for it. i just don't know where to go.

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