Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I was so tired going to bed on the 22nd and then the cat comes in the room. Dave left the door open when he went to the bathroom. He went to remove the cat and dropped his water bottle. This woke up Ella. I got her back to sleep and just fell asleep myself and then she woke up again. It was a long time. She just wanted to play. I was really really tired by this point.
Since she was awake so long in the night she slept until 8 am.   Magen was supposed to bring us donuts for breakfast but she slept in so donuts didn't arrive until about noon.   (Ella wanted donuts but we put her lil crunchies in the donut box to trick her and she just enjoyed getting anything out of the box.) We played and hung out before then. Ella practiced on the stairs a lot. She loved to climb the stairs. She did fall down 2 steps though.

We hung out for a bit. Magen studied. Ella took a nap. Dave wanted to go to "lunch" no later than 3 so I woke Ella up at 3 to go. We had fun. Ella discovered putting her hand in the ice water instead of just drinking the water. She loves it cold but her hand was changing colors. She would hold the ice and put it in her mouth and spit it back out into her hand and repeat. I was surprised she could keep hold of an ice cube like that.

I knew I'd regret waking her up and I did. So she was fussier than normal when Dave's mom visited.
Before Dave's mom visited we hung out. Ella just had a blast chilling on a bed.
She was late because of work. It seems like everyone is late if you go by this post.  I think Ella only got to hang out with her grandma for about an hour before she was far too tired and had to go to bed.  I rushed downstairs after I fed her but I still missed saying bye.

 More pictures are below.


  1. Ella seems so friendly toward everyone. Parker was shy by this point if it wasn't me or Tanner. Even grandmas he was shy around.

    1. She is for the most part. She really only gets shy when she gets so excited. Like when Dave greets here so happy like then she hides her head. Or she gets shy if she answers a question wrong or doesn't know the answer. She never did stranger danger type stuff.