Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The time zone change is really messing with me. It’s so hard to wake up. It is also so bright so then we sleep with the curtains closed and the blackout curtains really work. Just opening them an inch brightens the entire room. I was up with Miles 4 times in the night so I was so exhausted.

It took us forever to leave. We got hotel breakfast. Ella and Miles liked to eat mine. Dave said it wasn’t good but what I had was OK. Breakfast was served until 10 but we were down there a bit longer. We even saw them taking the food away. We left around 10:30. We decided not to do anything in Amarillo so we could get on the road. We had a longer drive plus Amarillo smelled and there wasn’t much to do anyway.
Ella had my phone and I missed the picture of the leaning water tower in Groom. I was mad. I was telling her to give me back the phone for a good minute and I missed it. Then I got out the road trip book and it mentioned it.  Later Ella felt bad so she pointed out every water tower to me to take a picture of.
Ella ate some of her leftover hoagie in the car.

 In Shamrock we stopped at the super charger. Nothing is open on Sundays so we couldn’t go in but we did get to use the restroom.

 We entered Oklahoma at 1:03. The sign was not like other state signs and I missed it.

We stopped at the next supercharger in Weatherford. We ate at the restaurant right there. It was number 1 on TripAdvisor and also convenient. It was pretty good. I did want to try a different restaurant that had peanut butter pie but convenience won. Dave taught Ella how to write more letters and she wrote LLA then went to add the E and she made the line cross all of the letters so then it didn’t look as good.

We made it to our hotel just before 6 PM. We had everything on the cart and then we got the bedding for the sleeper couch. Dave told Miles to hold it so he did! I had him recreate the hold after we got off the elevator when I could see. Dave said he moved the bedding so Miles didn’t have to hold it anymore so he moved it back for me.

Miles and Ella played in the hotel room so nicely for a bit. Dave printed stuff, signed it, then scanned it at the hotel. Once that was done, we decided to go to the pool. I’ve been wanting to have Ella swim in a hotel pool but we could never fit it in. Once we were about to but Ella wouldn’t wake up from nap. Well we finally got to. Dave dealt with Ella and I held Miles. The water was too deep for Ella to stand. Dave was done in the pool after 30 minutes. Then I held Miles and Ella. Ella splashed Miles so she got a time out. Then she splashed him again so we got out of the pool for good. She was freezing so she didn’t mind. I was about to say it was just another timeout but then she said we were getting out.

I gave Miles a bath in the sink and everyone else took showers. Once we were done with that, Dave got Johnny Carino’s. We weren’t eating until after 9 PM. It was so good!!! Miles even loved it. He was so happy after. He loved the taste of everything. Ella actually ate too. She was loving it. She kept taking more. This is rare for Ella. I don’t think she’s had food at a meal much this entire trip. She always just refuses to eat.

Then it was time to get everyone to bed. I finally had time to use my computer and then I was so exhausted I fell asleep using it.

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