Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5.17 - Poly was cute again

Sweater: Express (2009)
Pants: Express (2008) (I have these same pants in a smaller size but now I'm back to wearing the bigger ones)
Shoes: Famous Footwear (2011)
Necklace: Filene's Basement (2011 - in DC)
The pants are a little short to wear with heels but they are also a little big so it kind of works out. If I pull them up the whole way they look awful with heels but sitting a little lower they are OK.

It was pretty chilly.  It is the middle of May. I shouldn't have to wear a sweater.
Poly tried to sabotage Dave's clothes like she always does with mine.  She didn't know he changed his mind on what to wear and wasn't wearing these.
I packed my leftover tuna salad for lunch and gave Poly the rest of the tuna that I was saving for her.
At work, I broke my long thumbnail. Sad times. It was so long that I got out my measuring tape to measure it. Now who does that? (I bet it's only me. Nobody else is that weird.)
I brought my bags upstairs to pack them up properly. Poly sure knows how to sit on my gym bag when I want to pack it.  Also she found my ponytail holders that are on my key ring.

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