Monday, May 30, 2011

5.22 - Returning Home

In the hotel, we had a king size bed. Dave liked to hog all the room. I was at the edge of the bed. Dave woke up early and he thought it was so funny how far to the edge I was that he even took a picture.  No wonder I have no desire to buy a king size bed. We'd have the extra expense and I wouldn't get any more room anyway.  Also note on top of the covers I have a semi folded up blanket. It was in the closet in the hotel room and after I was freezing the first night, I wanted it for the 2nd night.  I'm also sleeping in my normal shirt that I sleep in but then also wearing the cardigan I wore at the wedding. I wanted all the layers I could get.  I guess it worked enough because my arms weren't under the covers. (Wow I just wrote an entire paragraph about my day that was before I even woke up.)

Sunday was travel home day and I got a grease stain on my one jeans and my other jeans aren't as good for traveling so I decided to wear my yoga pants. I still wore a nicer top half for traveling.  Yoga pants were a lot nicer for driving. 

Shirt: NY&Co
Cardigan: Kohl's
Yoga Pants: VS
Shoes: Brooks
Necklace: Sears

We woke up and packed up. We headed to Pat's for lunch. They open at 11 so we tried to plan accordingly. We got there 5 minutes early so Dave wanted to try to fix the sound thing in the car. I worked on it and did what he said to do.  It took 15 minutes. It was rough going getting to the fuse box (or whatever it was called).
What I did didn't even work. We went inside and ordered. Dave did some googling and learned that he must have turned down the volume when the navigation lady was talking which is why we couldn't hear her. Also he figured the sync on his phone would work again.  After googling he learned that if there is a time when the person is talking, he turns up the volume, it'll work again.  He ran out to the car to test this and sure enough he fixed it. 
I drove the entire way home. It sucked. Why doesn't Dave drive? I mean it is his family.  He drives near Philly but still that isn't much at all and then I drive 5 hours.  We went to my parents to Pick up Poly.
On our way home, at a red light she thought she could exit the cage. She retreated on her own once we started moving again. She realizes it is safer in there.  Dave puts his arm in there when I drive to make her calmer. Poly is much better in a car when it is daylight. Too bad around Christmas, it gets dark so early.
I was tired when we got home. Poly was tired too.  She lounged about but at least didn't hide like she did previous times we ditched her for the weekend or even previous times we traveled with her.
She was zonked on my lap for the longest time.


  1. I have the same cat carrier for my cat!!

  2. Cat carrier = travel dog cage. And you have the same one?! I thought we were weird buying the dog one. How does your cat like it?

  3. I bought it because it folded nicely and it wasn't a cage. Leo likes it - I take him back and forth to Pittsburgh when I go for longer than 4 days. He peed in it once and it cleans easily. I needed a big one because he weighs 20 pounds but it is a nice carrier and allows them to not be cramped in a traditional cat carrier.

  4. We don't fold ours up because we leave it out in the living room in the hopes that Poly would get used to it. The longest trip we've taken her on was to my parents which is about an hour.