Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twitter 5/26

12:34:30 AM - IT is late so I should go to bed. I almost went to bed an hour ago. But I wanted to blog about my recent runs and PT. Later I guess.
06:22:02 AM - I set 2 alarms for body pump before work and don't remember either going off. Missed it.
08:12:26 AM - @stinachristina yea Dave said he wasn't going to watch this week. The power being out forced us to not watch Tuesday.
08:12:52 AM - @stinachristina I just wanted to know who won so I felt in the loop if people talked about it. Nobody has talked about it so far.
11:21:23 AM - My name should not be this hard to spell. Have spelled it a few times and she still missed the L
11:25:17 AM - @nuclearliz Well I used to have Cherepko and nobody EVER got that right. But McCloskey is easy and I rarely have trouble.
01:41:07 PM - my chair squeaks so bad that I try not to move. It makes working rough.
01:41:26 PM - @briecs similar thoughts here too. I feel so busy and feel like nothing gets done.
04:53:39 PM - @DaizyCh we only do last name They type it and then have the choices for who works here.
06:20:02 PM - I forgot gym socks. It was awful for pump. Was going to run after but not without socks. Ugh.
09:16:13 PM - @BodyMediaFIT tip is to mark an X on a calendar a day you exercise and you never want a day without that nice X. It really worked.
10:44:44 PM - @BodyMediaFIT #BodyBurn My run yesterday.
10:47:17 PM - @whoatemyblog Tomorrow is my 9/80 day off so I'm off. But my husband is on mandatory OT so he works tomorrow and Saturday :(
10:49:24 PM - @wrkngmomscloset EEK that's scary.
10:50:25 PM - @UnderTheFat I wish I did 4 miles. Good job.
10:53:10 PM - @FashionMomma22 aww poor little dog.
11:09:13 PM - Nice for you RT @mikecherepko: Groceries In NYC Are Cheaper Than In Most Of The Country? Cheaper than in Pittsburgh. p.

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