Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Workout Goals

About to start Yoga
I consider posting my October workout goals a success so I'm doing it again for November. I'm mostly listening to my husband's suggestion about increasing by 10% except with mileage because I'm tapering starting now.
  1. Perform yoga 3 times. (October = 2)
  2. Attend Body Pump 4 times. (October = 5) - Not increasing it due to being out of town for a full week and the week before the marathon should only lift early in the week. My reach goal can be 5 or 6 but with the marathon I don't want to get ahead of myself and with being on vacation, I won't be around a class
  3. Lift weights 4 times on my own. (October Goal = 2) (Increased more than 10% due to not increasing Body Pump)
  4. Complete 18 cardio workouts (running, exercise bike, or elliptical) (October Goal = 16)
  5. Do 12 core workouts (P90x core ab ripperx, Body Pump, or on my own) (October Goal = 10)
  6. Quantity: Run 12 times. (that is 2-3 times a week) (Same as October but with tapering)
  7. Distance: Run 65 total miles (18, 12, 30, 5) (October Goal = 85)
  8. Workout with Dave 8 times. (New goal!)
Do you have suggestions for what to add as a goal that wouldn't be bad for my marathon training?