Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Sweater: Express, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Connie via Famous Footwear, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Earrings: Target
When I got dressed, I did not like my outfit so I changed. This rarely happens. I rarely dislike how my outfit looks enough to change.  I can probably only remember changing an outfit after I already had one one one other time before.   I really liked the 2nd outfit though.

Then I get to work and am freezing. I actually debated tights too. Tights would have been better.  I had to wrap my extra sweater around my legs all day.

I only had one meeting. Boy was that nice.  I finally got a lot of little things done at my desk.  You know it's a bad sign when you finally have a little time to clean your desk and someone comments that they can see the desk. So seeing just a little portion of the top of the desk is a good sign. I'm pretty sure you can see the desk on most other desks.  I need to work on organization or not being as busy or something.  The thing is that I at least always know what is in the big pile of junk on my desk. Sometimes I can just reach into the mound and grab what I need because I know it's general location.

After work, I cooked dinner. Then watched some TV.  Poly forced me to watch more TV because she was asleep on me.

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