Monday, December 26, 2011

12.14 - Christmas Photos

Pants: VS
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Shirt: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Sears

I thought I had a short torso but all my cardigans are shorter than I want them to be.  I want them to be even just an inch or 2 longer.  The sleeves on this cardigan are very annoying.  I can pull them down to my wrist bone but then the default length is a few inches shorter and it reverts to that after a few seconds.
I was so tired in the morning that I hit snooze on 3 different alarms multiple times and just thought I did it a couple times. 45 minutes after the first alarm went off I realized this.

I got to work and my computer had a wonderful blue screen of death.  I auto recover my excel files and all is good and I finish up what I didn't finish earlier to prepare for my 11am meeting.  Then I go to open my powerpoint file and there was no auto recover version. I had not saved it at all the night before.  When will I ever learn? (When I think that I picture my dad saying "when will you ever learn?" the way he always does)  Everything just wasn't from the excel files but I did additional analysis and researched specific CAPs and looked into areas and found IR numbers that already pertained to what I was talking about so I did not have to open a new IR. Well I lost all that.  By this point I'm down to an hour before I have to walk over to the meeting.

Because of all, that I didn't ever break to eat breakfast.  Then my meeting was from 11-12:30. I was hungry after.  I had other meetings. During my 2:00, my manager came to my desk and told me to join him in the conference room he's in.  Finally at 3:30, I was done and got to finally eat lunch.  Oh what a day.
I was still super busy up until the end.  I ended up leaving at 6.  I debated going to the gym but Dave said I had to hurry home to take our Christmas picture or he wasn't taking it. I know he's not kidding when he says he's not doing it, so no gym for me.
I got home, made dinner, took our picture, and then it was already after 9pm.  Poly didn't cooperate for the picture.

After that I had to make Christmas cards, write cards, find missing addresses, print labels, crop Christmas photos, order them, and stamp some of the cards I already had made to finish them off.  I ended up making 16 new cards and writing out 10 cards but by that time it was 1 AM so it was time for bed.


  1. Haha I love the pictures of you and Poly under the tree!

  2. 4 lucky people got that picture in their Christmas Cards.