Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12.17 - Birthday Dinner, Shoup's Party

Outfit 1 = Workout clothes
Tank: Kohl's

Outfit 2
Shirt & Cardigan: NY&Co
Belt: Kohl's (the belt sure had a lot longer of a tail that I'm used to when I belt it)
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
The plan was wake up early and go to the gym. We had a plan for all kinds of stuff.  The hotel internet was so bad, that our plans were totally messed up.  The wired internet would work but not the wireless. Well it worked but was at a crawl that it took a year to load anything.  Dave tried to run internet sharing from my work laptop but it wouldn't work because the laptop sucks.  We tried to buy a flash drive to run linux and get that working.  By we I mean Dave did the figuring and I took a nap.

Then we went to the Apple store to buy the adapter so an ethernet cord can be plugged into a usb port.  The mall was so packed.  I dropped Dave off at the door and then tried to find a parking spot.  That took about 10 minutes. There were cops directing traffic.  Going to the mall the last Saturday before Christmas is never good.
I thought we didn't even need to buy anything because we'd be socializing with family and friends and was it worth the money.   I thought of buying a wireless router but didn't tell Dave.  Later he said that was a good idea.  Ugh.

We took too long for all of this so we didn't have time to go to the gym.
We went out to dinner for Dave's dad's birthday then hung out, did Christmas presents, put ornaments on the tree, and watched some TV.  After that we went to Shoup's party.  It was awesome seeing everyone. Shreve didn't tell them we were coming so it was quite a surprise.  I took pictures but most of them are blurry.  My new camera is far too slow. I missed so many great shots.  Also drunk people don't stay still so action shots end up all blurry.  My old camera didn't end up blurry either. Ethan wore mistletoe and wanted kisses from everyone; Dave wouldn't give him a kiss though.

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