Friday, December 16, 2011

12.6 - Vacation Day

Jeans: express
Cami: Express
Sweater: VS

The color of this sweater is too light for my liking but I've kept it. Well the sleeves were pretty tight so now I decided I'm finally getting rid of it.  It is a very warm sweater but if I kept it, I wouldn't even wear it for another couple years.

I was going to take vacation.  Then I was going to take a half day vacation and telecommute the first party of the day.
After 7 straight hours of working, I realized I messed up. I didn't stop to eat breakfast or lunch or anything. (At 10:43, my neighbors get a big package.  I see it arrive at 10:43. The sign on the truck said it arrives by 10:30 or delivery is free.

Then I went downstairs to eat. I did the dishes. Then I took a nap.  Then it was back to work.  I didn't do a good job cleaning up.  Dave got home a bit after 5. He didn't call or warn me when and then I made dinner. Nothing like last minute.
Around 6:30 my Stampin' Up class started.   We would have been done around 9 but then we talked until a bit after 10. Oh boy.   Then I was finishing up some of the stamping stuff for some supplies to pack up for people. I didn't actually finish it all and decided to head to bead.

My throat started hurting. Sigh.


  1. You've been MIA lately! Sorry you're sick :( Poly looks at home under the tree :P

  2. I didn't get full blown out sick but ever since the 6th, I've bee half fighting something. At least I didn't fully get sick but I'm just waiting for that to hit.

    I have noticed I missed a decent amount of days posting. I missed 2 in 1 week I think.

  3. That would have been a good sweater with good colors over or under it.