Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5.05 miles (12.12.11)

I finally ran. Then I took 3 days to even look at the data.  Garmin changed things they display. I don't like it. I'm tired.

The run was tough. It was cold.  The dark and headlamp use was interesting too.

My shins didn't really hurt while running. It was the 2 days after that they were killing me.

I ran at North Park with Jen. I took my new Garmin and my old one. I was afraid I wouldn't get data on the new one and didn't want the first time I use it to be on a long run and my first one in awhile. (Now that I'm a slacker 5 miles is a long run instead of a short one)

Well I get there and can't even figure out how to turn on the GPS on the new watch so I only used the old one.

I don't think our times were too bad.  Then I looked at my "very hard" training plan from and it thought I should run 5 miles at 10:53 pace so I beat that.  Too bad I only did the easy run for the week so far.

How do you handle running in the winter considering how it is dark a lot more and it is cold? 

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  1. I wear a turtlenck, a thinsulate jacket, and flannel lined pants. Also a ear band and leather gloves. And I live in SoCal. During the run, I usually take off the gloves and hat and have to carry them. My husband mocks me, but I would much rather be teased than be cold. I am pretty skinny, so when I get cold, I stay cold. A day without mocking is like a day without sunshine.