Monday, December 31, 2012


I woke up and entered clothes data in my database.  At 1:30 PM I decided it was time for breakfast and made Pancakes.  Then we headed to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for dinner. We were going to make Lasagna. Well we went to Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Safeway. We got home after 5pm and started cooking. We watched Breaking Bad..  We had a late dinner. We watched Breaking Bad until at little after 10. Dave wouldn't watch any more TV. I was a bit tired and knew if I went to my computer I'd get a second wind and end up staying up until 3am.  I played Solitaire and Donut Popping until I fell asleep. I think it was around 10:30.  Dave was up until almost 1 coding some stuff for my website.
While shopping at Sprouts, I took some pictures of some prices. Some because they were low and some because they are higher than before. At Whole Foods, Dave was taller than everyone by about a foot at the lunch meat counter. Also it was his turn to order and he had to stand feet back because nobody moves out of the way.
This is what I looked like carrying groceries upstairs.  This is mostly what I look like all the time but I never get a chance to force Dave into taking a picture of me. I could barely fit out the elevator door. (Dave was also carrying bags but I took an extra one from him so he could have a hand to use my camera.) Poly liked sleeping on/in these bags later.
Some of our lasagna process. It was really good. I was a little surprised because of our lack of actual recipe.

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