Monday, April 1, 2013


I woke up and started thinking about my Dev Bootcamp video. Then I did a test of the how to video on how to make a card. It was just a test and I was till in my PJs.  After spending 2 hours trying to figure out editing software and trim the beginning and the end, I took another test.   Then I tried to edit that and upload it to youtube.  I swear the saving and uploading take too long.

Finally I made the final version. The 2 minute portion where I shared something about myself I just winged. Poly ruined it too. She was meowing at me. I picked her up. I ended up submitting that one. I never watched it though.  Dave said it was alright.

By this point it was almost 5 PM. I hurried and changed and went swimming. Then I hurried and changed and went for a run. That run was super hard.

I got home and Dave was already home. I said I had Caesar salad for us for dinner. He wanted Pizza. He said a compromise was Pizza My Heart since he wanted it from Slice of NY. But that compromise also involved me going to pick up the pizza. THAT IS NOT A COMPROMISE. Anyway while I was in the shower, I figured he'd order. He did not. So annoying. We didn't end up eating until close to 8 PM.  I was annoyed.

We watched a little TV. He fell asleep  on the couch early. He said biking 2 days in a row is tiring.

I watched some TV then went into bed. I went into bed close to midnight and watched a little TV on my iPAD. I fell asleep on the second episode. Usually I stay awake a lot longer.

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