Saturday, April 20, 2013

3.23 Hiking

Top: Soma, Pants: Delia's, Shoe's Famous Footwear, Blazer: NY&Co
Athletic Pants: Target, Jacket: Soma
I knew we were going to go hiking so I got dressed but put on a workout tank. (I can't remember what I did but probably ran to Trader Joe's or something.)
Dave and I went to Racho San Antonio and hiked up a mountain. We didn't hike as far as we originally planned.  Going up was a lot harder than going down. We got lots of cool pictures. (more pics below)
We spent hours hiking but I was sore for 2-3 days from it. I can't believe how much it made my glutes hurt.
On our way home we went to Ike's Lair.  I got meatballs and mozzarella sticks on my sandwich. I think there should have been another ingredient but I asked without it.  It's the first time I had mozzarella sticks on a sandwich but it was the 2nd time in a week Dave heard of it.


  1. I love the last few sets of photos with the animals!

    1. Thanks I took even more but only put a few. I also took some from my perspective and Dave took some but they are of the same thing. The ones I took you see part of the fence though. He had an easier time getting good pictures because he was taller than the fence.

    2. Lucky for the tall. I wouldn't have been able to see much at all!

    3. You can see but you just have fence in the way like what you see behind me here

    4. You look nice! I want your weather.

    5. Thanks. That's the shirt I bought with you.
      I think it's too hot here. Today I got sunburn even though I wore sunscreen and was outside only an hour.

    6. I just keep on telling myself that moving someday is possible. I wish we'd get something nicer than this bloody cold.