Sunday, April 28, 2013


Shirt: Express, Pants: Indi 
I got dressed and then realized Dave would be late. After a few hours I changed into my PJs. Nobody even saw me in real clothes at all. 

I watched The Good Wife too late on the 18th so then I accidentally slept until 1 PM.  I woke up and got ready to swim. I watched some more The Good Wife until Hilary was ready.  We swam at my apartment complex because the 24 hour fitness pool was closed for maintenance.  I kept getting mad at myself. I lost count of how many laps I had done so far so many times. I figured it out I think based on how many Hilary did and how many times I thought she lapped me.  Overall I think I swam 40 laps (or lengths depending on how you think of it.  I think it took about 40 minutes. I only did 4 lengths of backstroke so that wasn't too bad.

My googles sucked a lot. I had water leaking into them the first few lengths so I had to take breaks to try to fix them.  Then when I had 5 laps left I just stood up in the middle of swimming and took them off. I swam the rest of the way without them.  They really hurt my eyes. I have no idea why. I sure had awful marks after I was done.
Hilary and I sat on the chairs in the shade and talked for a bit.  Then we got cold and moved to the sun but that only stayed in the sun for about 20 minutes then we were in the shade again.  Other people were sunbathing and we were out there using our towels to cover ourselves so we wouldn't get sun. We also reapplied sunscreen.
Around 6, I got back to my apartment. I was waiting for Dave but then he texted that he was playing an involved game and would be home late. I had to eat dinner without him.  I had a Hot Pocket. I had some snacks too but forget what.   I watched more TV until a little after 10 when Dave got home.   We watched Rachel Maddow then Dave went to sleep. I watched more TV. I watched Psych and it was funny because a basset hound was given as a wedding gift. At first Lassiter didn't like the dog but then he changed his mind. I fell asleep watching Glee. I fell asleep watching it with Poly on my lap. I woke up to her meowing at me to go to bed. She was not on my lap anymore. The show was also over. I'm not sure how long I was asleep. It was 2AM when I actually went into bed though.

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