Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exercise (4.15-4.21)

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I haven't figured out what to train for next. I thought of marking this for the triathlon I'm considering in July. But then I thought about races that I might do before then. So I guess this week will be vague. I'm also torn because I've been a huge running slacker because my plantar fasciitis is still bothering me.

Planned Mileage: no specific plan but I kind of hoped for 10 miles before the week started.

Monday: I went to the gym with Dave. We walked there and walked back. I did legs at the gym.  I also did abs. I only did the machines but did 3 sets. I didn't do lunges or squats with the barbell like I sometimes do.  I used the arm bike for the first time since I went to physical therapy in 9th grade. I'm not sure of the official name but it's like an exercise bike but you use your arms instead of your legs. I officially did 7 minutes but I swear it took a couple minutes just for me to figure out the buttons and get the time to go. I did 1.38 miles in 7 minutes. Perhaps if I use it more, I can compare time/distance to see if I improve. When I was almost done but someone was on the last machine I needed, I went to use the rower. I used it for 2 minutes until the machine I needed was free. Total workout time was 54 minutes. (We were gone from home for 61 minutes so I'm not sure what I did that didn't get timed besides punching in but I guess I had to do something)

Tuesday: Dave and I went to the gym again. We walked there and walked back. I did arms at the gym. I also did abs. I didn't have time to do cardio. I'm pretty sure the timer was 1:05 for workout time but as I was stopping it, I accidentally cleared it.

Wednesday: I was so sore, I took a rest day.

Thursday: Dave and I went to the gym again. I did legs again. I also used the arm bike. This time I only did it for 3:30 and did .6 mi. Then I went on a treadmill and ran a half mile in 4:46. I ran at 7.0 mph but it took me forever to get the speed up to 7.0 from .5 because I had to use arrow keys to increase it. I was lightheaded for the 2nd half of the workout (the arm bike and the treadmill were the last 2 things I did). Total workout time 58 minutes. 

Friday: I went for a swim with Hilary. I lost track of my laps so many times. I think I did 40 laps (or lengths but I hear swimmers call lengths laps even though I'd think 2 lengths = 1 lap but what do I know).  It took 40 minutes to do that. Hilary was done a few minutes before me. My goggles hurt my eyes so bad.

Saturday: Dave and I went to Guadalupe River Trail and biked 10 miles. (57 minutes)

Sunday:  I ended up not working out. I did shop around target for over an hour. I woke up at 11 and it was already 77 degrees and felt like 87 so I decided it was too hot to run. I thought I might run in the evening but we went out to dinner so that didn't works o well. 

Total Running Mileage: .5
Total Biking Mileage: 10.02 mi (not counting arm bike mileage)
Total other things: a few walks, 3 weight sessions, 1 swim

Summary: I enjoyed getting back into weights but think I will start running and doing weights and just running less so I have time to do other things. 

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