Saturday, April 6, 2013


Jeans: Express, Shirt: Loft, Necklace and Earrings: Lia Sophia, Purse: Target, Jacket: NY&Co
I was up early but watched TV.
I didn't do my long run on the weekend so finally around 2 PM I set out to actually run the long run. I ran from my apartment to Steven's Creek Trail. Normally I would drive there and run on the trail. Over halfway done, I took out my phone to take a picture.   I actually completed my run. I was very impressed with myself.

After the run I had about an hour before I had to leave to meet Kylie. She went to my high school but I didn't really know her. My elementary school teachers suggested I contact her so I did and finally she got back to me and we planned to meet.  We met at Stanford Dish Trail. Man that 3 mile loop was hilly. I was out of breath from walking. We did keep a 17 minute pace though. I hadn't realized we were going so fast. I had my Garmin in my purse so I wasn't checking it as we went.  Then we went out to dinner.
I didn't realize until it was too late but the pizza place had the sauce on top of the cheese. I could barely handle all the cheese.  We talked for awhile. The pizza took forever.  I brought home a piece for Dave. I took a picture of that. He liked it.  We watched some TV together.

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