Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maternity Clothes Length

I always thought I was short waisted but it seems with maternity clothes that are older, they are way too short. I've complained about them before to different people, on facebook, and probably on my blog. I decided to take a picture to show some lengths.

The white shirt and the turquoise shirt are 2 I have complained about in the past. I also have 2 other shirts that are shorter than that. The black and gray striped shirt is one that I have and really enjoy the length. It could be 2 inches shorter and still work. Granted it's a "tunic" but it's not quite long enough for me to be comfortable wearing leggings with it.

My belly is a lot bigger now but 2-3 months ago the white shirt was already too short.  I bought 5 shirts without seeing them from someone on facebook. They were only $2 or $3 but in the end ended up not being worth it because they were too short. I wore them to sleep in for awhile but didn't really like moving or turning over and having skin exposed.   Back in August when they were entirely too big around, they were almost long enough but looked silly because they were too loose.   Actually based on going through my pictures, I haven't even slept in these shirts since early August and I was barely showing then.  At that time half the clothes I was wearing weren't even maternity.

I know I've heard a lot of people over the years complain that maternity shirts are so long at first and then later they realize they need that length. I never even thought they were too long early on. Maybe only 1 shirt that I bought on clearance and bought it too big did I think it was too long for a bit. (Shirt on August 17 if you are curious.)

Did you have issues with shirts being too long or too short? Where was your favorite place to buy maternity clothes?


  1. Nothing is ever long enough for me. Not a maternity specific problem.

    1. Most normal shirts are fine for me. But then again there are more choices at stores and I wouldn't buy one that hits shorter. But some of my shirts are even petite that aren't maternity (ok maybe only 2)

      I wrote this post a bit ago. It was one of my scheduled posts of 2 weeks ago when I wrote about 10. Since then my shirt selection is even worse. I tend to wear shirts and my belly sticks out like that green shirt I posted on instagram. http://instagram.com/p/h1l_6TDVyQ/