Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anniversary Photos 2008 and 2010

 Over the years I have convinced Dave to take some anniversary photos. We haven't taken them every year though.  I managed to find 2 sets of anniversary photos. I know there are more but I don't have all my pictures on my computer. I do know we missed this year. I didn't remember I like to force Dave into taking photos until about 3 months after our anniversary.

In 2008, we went to Ohiopyle State Park. Some of the pictures I took that day, ended up blown up and on our wall. I didn't have a fancy SLR by that point. I did have this monkey tripod thing that you can wrap around a tree branch or something to get pictures. I did that. Pictures from the day are on my picasa.  We took a couple pictures of both of us in my parents yard attaching the camera to my parents shed door.  We took a few at Cucumber Falls.  You can tell the picture quality is a lot worse with these photos than more recent photos.   I rather enjoyed using the tree to take a picture behind. You can't tell my gut was getting fat because it is hidden. I think I also had planned Dave and my arms to be covering my gut so nobody would know but then here I went and told everyone.

In 2010 we went to Cranberry Community Park and used a tripod to take pictures. I didn't have a remote so I had to run back and forth. I did set it up to take 10 pictures in a row. I posted about our day before and also posted far too many photos.

I wish I could find more pictures. I don't even know if we took more. I guess 2 sets of pictures after 6 years is still a pretty good number.

I still have all the clothes I wore in both pictures. I probably still even have the running shoes from 2008 but just don't wear them.

Do you take anniversary photos?


  1. We took some family pictures on our 1st wedding anniversary. I'd like to do that again for our 5th and then maybe every 5 years after that. We're coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary not this year but in 2015 so hopefully I can make it happen.

    1. Were they professional? I've never even thought of professional ones for us but now I think about professional ones for Ella. I need to find a photographer around here I think versus going to a studio. I have a few photographers I know back in PA... sigh.

  2. These are nice. I especially like the waterfall one and the last one. I may be a fan of all shirtbelts.

    1. Thanks.
      I think shirt belts work when there is a cardigan over them so you don't see the belt in the back. Or if you belt a cardigan that works too and is nice then the cardigan is a little open. Right now my waist is 10 inches too big so I don't think belting would be a good idea.

      Just think if I took pics now I'd have a nice tripod and remote. I suffered back then.