Friday, April 4, 2014


Ella woke up around 7:30 after having slept 10 hours.

After she ate we played with Dave a little and played.  She ate then slept again until 10. I also slept.

I basically had no time all day. I'm not sure why. She was fussy and wouldn't even play lying on her play mats anymore. She'd do her piano but not much. She wanted to eat often so I let her.

We went for a walk around 12:30.  She fell asleep about a mile into it so I kept adding on to the walk and adding half mile loops until she woke up then I turned around and went back.  I walked 2.6 miles. She slept about 35 minutes.

Around 2 we made some cute videos. Then I tried to get my picture taken beside Ella and she kept moving her face toward the camera and blocking me out. I made a couple more videos at 2:30.  We were playing all that time but she didn't want to play on her back.

I fed her and called my parents to tell my mom to check her email. I was too excited to wait for her to see the videos. We talked on the phone for an hour. Ella started eating and ended eating. She napped for almost a half hour in the middle too. She was on me for this nap.

She fell asleep after the nursing session that was at the end of the phone call. I waited a few minutes then put her in her crib.  This time she was swaddled so I thought she might sleep. I was going to go to the bathroom and get lunch. I only got the bathroom done before she woke up crying.

There were more failed attempts at playing.

I attempted food and held her while eating pretzel crisps with pub cheese. I thought back to the walk and how she was good so decided to go for another one. I took chips to eat while walking. I tried to think of other foods but failed.  She fell asleep about a mile in so I continued walking again even though my knee hurt.  We walked over 2.85 miles. (I wish strava went to the hundreth place and that I didn't forget to turn on the strava. I know based on runs that I turned it on a little over .25 into it.  She woke up with a half block to go so I quit adding on.
We got back and I nursed her. I fed Poly and 2 minutes later Dave was home. He brought dinner but Ella would not cooperate so I was unable to eat. I think I ate about 10 waffle fries over the span of an hour. I nursed once and had a few failed attempts at nursing.  I tried all the tricks.   Finally after 1.5 hours of it, I wake Dave up. (He ate then fell right to sleep.) I think maybe we can trick her. Because any time Dave swaddles Ella, she eats right after. At first I thought the trick failed but then I tried standing to nurse in front of the fan like I had to do on the 11th. That worked. I was so weak though. I was ready to die. I figured a way to half lean on the dresser. Ella is heavy. Also I barely ate so it didn't work well.

She ate for 10 minutes or so when I was standing then I managed to sit down for about 5 more minutes. She was dozing off. I was so happy. Finally she was asleep.  Then I ate half my dinner. I was reheating it since it was back in the fridge. I typed this then deleted some pics from my iphone then bed. I am going into bed at 10:30 PM and hoping I fall asleep.

My legs are so tired from walking. My abs are sore. I loaded body media fit and as of 10 PM I had burned 2650 calories with a projected burn of 2800 for the day. My goal is 2150 and I usually only hit that about half the time. (I actually burned 2804 and I was talking to Dave a bit in bed so didn't fall asleep right away.)

(I don't think I fell asleep right away but it's hard to remember.)
Check out more pictures from the day.


  1. This just shows how much work breastfeeding can be.

    1. I feel like this wasn't even a "bad" day for how much work nursing is.

  2. I'm happy to see her wearing the leg warmers. They seem to fit her better nowadays. Of course, I love the smile for Grandma! She's precious.

    1. I love the video so much I had to call you to tell you to check your email! If I wasn't so dang behind on pictures you'd see leg warmers more. But last week or 2 weeks ago I turned up the heat so she doesn't wear them or pants as much. It's no longer 60 degrees in here in the morning.