Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We installed a bar in the jogging stroller so the infant carrier can sit in it. Then I tested it out. I mainly walked at first to see how she moved around in it.
Poly has learned I pay attention to Ella on the play mat so she goes on the mat to get attention too.

Ella played on her play mat beside Dave while he played his video game and I vacuumed her room.  He wasn't playing World of Warcraft so if she got unhappy he could just stop and pick her up. She was a little angel though.
When I got back we played.  I showed Dave how she stood. Then I checked out if she would rest her hand on the thing that holds the toys she hits at. She did. It was cute. Dave asked if she could support her own weight. I said that yellow thing wasn't sturdy so I'd have to hold that. Well with both hands on it, she supported her own weight standing. There are no pictures of this because I was using both hands to make sure the yellow thing could support her. It wouldn't have been able to if I wasn't supporting it. Maybe some day we'll get a picture.
We went to the Shoreline to walk.  On our way home we stopped at Jack in the Box for the first time ever. It was better than I expected.
Ella sat on my lap the entire time I ate. She was such an angel that I didn't even get up to attempt to put her in a bouncer.

I tried to have Ella roll over for Dave but she wouldn't budge.
Dave and Ella were hanging out so I took a million pictures.  I keep wanting to get stuff done when Dave is around but every time he has her they are so cute together that I don't leave the room. Sigh.
There are many more pictures.

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