Thursday, April 24, 2014


This picture might be from a different day but I can't figure out when so here it is

We went to Target and Trader Joe's in the morning. Ella slept through most of it.

In the late afternoon, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, REI, and Michaels. Ella was good at all of those places and only slept through half of Michael's.  The employees loved her.
Dave took his bike for a test drive and said there were still things that needed to be fixed on it.Well not really fixed but put together properly.

My back has been killing me. I don't know where the day went but starting at 5:30 PM,  I was feeding Ella or trying to make her not cry. Finally she got to bed at 9. She fell asleep for 10 min here and 20 min there in that time but only those 2 naps. She also would fall asleep but then wake right back up. It wasn't a fun time.
I read her a few books. She liked the Subway book the best.

Oh earlier in the day we did put her down on the ground and she played. I got her to roll over for Dave. He saw it. Then she did it again. She wouldn't do it on video. She rolled back to front. I haven't gotten video of it yet.


  1. That fourth picture down she looks so big, like she could be 12-18 months.

    1. Perhaps it's the angle and how close I was to her?
      She is big but not that big yet! She's growing up so fast!