Saturday, April 12, 2014


 I was up 2 hours past when Ella went to sleep because of my nap. I guess that's technically the 7th not 8th.

Then I was awake near 3 am.  Then  at 5:30 I pumped.  Ella kept waking up when i put her in her crib. Then at 6:30 I decide to sleep in the chair a little with her. I was tired.  At 8, Dave opens the door to say he was leaving for work or to see if we were awake.  But the act of opening the door woke us both up! I actually got her back to sleep though and we both slept until 9.
 We played.  I showered and Ella played in her Bouncer.
Ella didn't want to be covered completely
We went for a walk after. We went on some new streets. The trees were too low that the stroller almost didn't fit
 Play time. Nap time.

At 1:20 I eat lunch and she wakes up before I'm done. I knew I stayed in the chair too long with her asleep on me.
I had all the above written up to the point that she woke up. Now 3 days later, I have no idea what else happened. There are many more pictures but I put a few below. Some have captions.
Some new onesies I made (well the pink one is a shirt)
Ella takes a bottle but likes to squeeze the nipple with her hand.
I showed Dave how Ella takes a bottle

The pictures are out of order. I used to be able to order my albums but now the default order oldest to newest never works.

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