Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Exercise

I posted about February and felt the need to keep it up.
In March my goal was 12 miles. I didn't have a set number of runs I wanted to do it in.  I ran 15.53 miles.

I also went on a lot of walks with Ella and did some core exercises (just like in February). I had 5 days of no exercise throughout the month but 3 of those were after the 25th. Some days we went on 2 walks. Some days I ran and walked and did a core workout, but most days I just did one thing. I am getting faster when I run. I don't feel my gut jiggle around when I'm running anymore. When I run a distance further than before I can feel my abs. I can tell they get really fatigued.  During the month my foot was injured but it recovered and my back was injured and still bothers me a lot.

During my 3.1 mile run, I had a 9:56 mile which is my best yet!

I just took a quick screen shot but you can see notes by each run if you are curious. (Clearly I didn't use any sort of spell check or proofread my notes at all.)

After my first run of the year where I only ran a half mile, I made my mileage goals for the entire year.
April is 15 miles, May 20. Then each month after is 30. This might be tough!

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