Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Weeks (February)

I had my doctor appointment! I had to take Ella just based on how things worked out. The doctor was insanely late which is what I pictured. It wasn't so fun trying to keep Ella occupied. The doctor now has a different check-in desk than she did last time and I noticed these people are much slower at things they are trying to do.
Everything is good! I got 2 pictures from the ultrasound instead of 1 because I asked if she was giving me anything with the heart beat. I said I wanted to write it down but had difficulty with Ella there.  Overall Ella had 3 lollipops. (I couldn't figure out how to get my scanner to work and then never tried again so you only get a picture of a picture :( )

Last time I had taken the pictures at a variety of times of day so I would look like I was showing in some and then not look like I was showing the next week. I am trying to get the pics in the morning. The sun is annoying right at that hour but I still do it. 

Ella is so clingy. Pretty much I have to be within an inch of her. I don't get it. Between her and the cat, I never get a second alone. Ella makes me do everything. Dave will even try to hold her and she won't do it. It really makes me exhausted more.  But then there are also times where Dave is playing a game and Ella won't let me put her down. I cleaned up cat throw-up while holding Ella.  (Article on toddler regression during pregnancy) 

Poly is still all over me and wanting to lie on me all the time too. I remember this before but don't see it written and I almost didn't write it this time either. (Cats can sense the pheromones.) 

Size of baby: kumquat, 1.3-1.7 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 5.7 overall. I gained 0.4 in the past week. I'm hoping up on the upswing now and won't be feeling as miserable.

Maternity Clothes: Not even close. I even had to dig out 7 year old jeans that are smaller than my current ones because even with a belt those current ones were falling down.

Sleep: It's going pretty horribly. I'm waking up to pee a bit. Ella is waking up crying a bit. When Ella wakes up and I'm concerned with her then sometimes it takes me 2 hours to fall back to sleep even tough Ella was asleep in a minute.

What I miss: Working out. Functioning in the evening.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: The food aversions aren't as bad. I'm not really feeling like I'm going to throw up looking at foods anymore.

Symptoms: I'm tired, nauseous, and in the evenings, I just want to die.  I'm not lightheaded nearly as much. Maybe only twice this week. But I've been babying things and not working out or doing extra stuff. I also purposefully rest between stores so that I don't end up in bad shape.

Best moment this week: doctor appointment and hearing the baby's heartbeat. The doctor tried to point it out to Ella but she just wasn't having it and wanted me to hold her.

Looking forward to: Actually telling people. My next doctor appointment is on March 2. Well I told someone by mistake this week when I meant to send a message to my mom and someone sent it to someone else instead. Oops. 

Exercise: I basically work out twice a week now. This week I ran once and I did 1 workout video. 

Same this time: I started to gain weight back this week last time too. Sleep seemed to be an issue both times too.

Different from last time: I was still extremely lightheaded last time. I wasn't working out. I guess 2 workouts counts as working out this time. 

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