Thursday, March 3, 2016


We watched Frozen in the morning to practice.
Then we went to a Frozen event. They had someone dressed up as Elsa (see above). We didn't wait in the long line to actually talk to her.  When we got close to Anna, Ella yelled hi Anna so then she looked at her and waved. So that was nice.

In one of the rooms they had a dance party. We got there so late that it was the tail end of it. They were throwing fake snow so Ella loved it. She only was there for about 30 seconds of it.

Olaf was outside. I got close with Ella and she was able to get a rubber duck he was giving away.

Then we went to a very crowded room to color. But Ella found a chair against the wall and colored there.

It was right near the playground so we went there. Ella had tons of fun at Magic Bridge Playground. Ella was such a big girl using the merry go round herself.

She also rode on the other merry go round herself.

She went down the huge slides too.

The we left and played at a different play ground area.

Then we went shopping where Ella got to drive the cart.

I was about to get ready for Dave's work Christmas party. I decided to ask him if there was a theme. Then I learn it was cocktail attire. I couldn't wear the dress I originally planned.  Then I had to try on dresses and keep working to figure out what to wear. I took pictures and sent them to a few friends when deciding.

Ella gave me a bunch of stickers. My mom said she would have left them on.
Parking was pretty awful and we had a to walk few blocks to get to the museum.
It was so odd having Ella at home. A friend was watching her.  Ella sort of went right to bed. She did have to go in and put Ella's pullup back on once though.

This photo and the next one the photographer took at the event. I can't believe how he just centered me instead of centering both of us. I guess I'm the important one.

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