Thursday, March 24, 2016


On Tuesday, I go to our old house to pick up some stuff and there is a cat inside the house! I guess it was in there since Sunday. It took awhile to get it out. Ella kept scaring it. I have seen the cat before. It has a collar but is often in our back yard and such.
That evening we are home and a cat is in garage. I mean it ran in when the door was open but it took Dave awhile to get that thing out. He ended up having to pick it up. This cat has no collar.  ( I think this was Tuesday).

Then Wednesday morning, Dave is trying to set up his bike so the door is open and the cat returns.  This time it got Ella. Ella said she got a boo boo on her arm from it. I didn't see it happen.  Dave tried hissing at it to get it to leave. This cat does not want to leave.
Later on Wednesday, I went to our old house and I'm at the car in the driveway when a lady and her son come walking in telling me in very broken English that my dog is scaring her son. I try to question her telling her I do not own a dog. Then this big dog comes running by and runs into the backyard through the gate. I walk to the backyard to check it out. The landlord and his maid are out there and of course they also think it's my dog.  I see it has a tag and try multiple times to get it to calm down so I can read the tag but fail. Then a big guy comes running into the back yard and closes the gate to try to trap the dog.  The maid asks, "Su perro?" and he says "si."  The gate flies open so I run to go close it. (I see his car there so I know he's been searching for this dog.) But then just a few seconds later the guy comes running back out. Apparently the back door and front door were open so the dog was in fact not trapped.  The guy runs out and yells to his son? about where the dog ran to.  The kid runs that way and he hops in his car and backs up and quickly spins he car around to go down the street after the dog.  I tried to peep and find out what happened but didn't see them anymore.

What is it with us and animals lately?!

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